A Celebrity Lawyer Turned Criminal

A celebrity lawyer has recently been convicted of extortion against a major corporation. Michael Avenatti, who rose to fame as the attorney for Stormy Daniels, threatened to publicly accuse Nike of illegally paying amateur basketball players. While some of the details of the case are true, others are pure fiction.

While lawyers are taught about ethics and morality, prosecutors take these postulates for granted. This makes the legal profession’s debate about morality a strange one. Nevertheless, a prominent Miami defense attorney, Albert J. Krieger, recently said he would accept $10,000 in cash to represent an alleged bank robber with a criminal past.

Ugwuonye is charged with extortion, impersonation, and injurious falsehood. He was also accused of criminal conspiracy and forgery. His attorneys claim that prosecutors were targeting him because he was zealous in representing drug traffickers. The criminal charges are serious, but he remains free on bond until his sentencing.

Some of the best criminal defense attorneys in NYC are former prosecutors. Getting into this field is difficult and competitive, and new prosecutors receive extensive training in NYC criminal law. Unlike law school graduates, prosecutors gain rapid experience getting an Attorney to Handle Your Criminal Case and have an insider’s view of factual situations. As a result, they have a unique perspective on what goes on in a criminal case.

Honaker was admitted to the Florida Bar in January 2008, but has a long criminal history. Since then, he has been convicted of petty larceny, forgery, and battery. According to Miami police, his girlfriend told police he had a jealousy problem and grabbed her hair. Since his arrest, he has appealed his conviction to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, but was convicted in a controversial opinion smihub.

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