Divorce’s Uncoverable Hidden Costs

Divorce has a lot of unspoken expenses that few couples are aware of. They might not fully comprehend how separating their possessions will affect their finances. It is possible for certain financial agreements and property transfers to have long-term effects. You may incur additional expenditures long after the divorce has been finalized due to this ignorance, which can result in unforeseen charges. To help with this, find a family law attorney.

  • Splitting Up the Marriage Home

The mortgage must be refinanced if one individual wishes to maintain it, which will result in higher interest rates given the state of the economy right now. You must budget because your mortgage payment will go up each month. You can divide the sale proceeds if you decide to sell the house.

  • Shifting

The marital residence will have to be left behind by someone. Moving has costs, such as hiring movers and taking time off work to organize. A few thousand dollars is what you should budget for your move.

  • Dividends from Retirement Accounts

A qualified domestic relations order (QDRO), which takes time and money to arrange, is necessary to divide a retirement plan since it is complicated and requires a separate court order. There are administrative charges even if you transfer retirement assets to your ex-spouse. Document preparation and money transfers could cost money. Additionally, if your ex is under a particular age, they will be required to pay hefty fees in order to access the money. 

  • Dividing a Company

Things become considerably more complicated if a business is involved in a divorce. You must first value the company, which might cost $10,000 or more. You must divide the company if you are both regarded as business owners. If you decide to keep the company, you must give your ex their portion, resulting in greater marital assets. There won’t be as many assets left for you to draw from in retirement. You can offer your ex their portion of the sale if you sell the company outright.

  • Lost Salary

Divorce proceedings can take a long time and involve several steps. You might need to take time off work for court appearances, mediation, and lawyer meetings. You may lose money if you don’t have paid time off or vacation. As a result, you will have even less money to cover the costs of your divorce.

  • Healthcare

After a divorce, you can also notice an increase in healthcare bills. If you previously had access to your spouse’s health insurance, you must now obtain your own. This may increase monthly costs by hundreds of dollars.

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