Experience Matters: Choosing the Right Social Security Disability Attorney in Los Angeles

Disability is rampant in the US, with one in four Americans dealing with a functional condition that affects their quality of life. Living with a disability is challenging because it can affect your ability to earn and achieve financial stability. But thankfully, Social Security Disability Insurance can help you stay afloat and sustain despite the economic hardships. 

In 2023, disabled workers in the country received an average monthly Social Security benefit of around $1,483. While things look good on paper, disability applications can be complicated. You are always at risk of missing out on your rightful claim when you take a DIY approach. 

The nationwide benefits-approval rate is 38.9%, and rates differ from state to state. California, for example, has a lower-than-average rate at 36.8%. The numbers do not look great for Los Angeles residents, right? Having an SSDI attorney on your side gives you a clear advantage with a better chance of approval. 

But everything boils down to finding a reliable professional you can trust to make the process as smooth as possible. Before understanding how to choose an SSDI legal expert in Los Angeles, it makes sense to dig deep into when you should bring them on board. 

Common Reasons for Hiring an SSDI Attorney

Before looking around for a legal professional to address your case, you must understand the valid reasons to hire them. Ideally, you shouldn’t opt for a DIY approach, but here are some valid reasons to let an expert handle things:

  • Denied claims
  • Disability appeals
  • Complex cases
  • Expedited benefits
  • Administrative benefits

Working with an SSDI attorney is a savvy decision as they can help you navigate the complex process and represent you in appeal or denial. Additionally, they review your application and ensure it is accurate and complete. Having them around gives you confidence and peace of mind. 

The best piece of advice is to collaborate with a local professional because they are easily accessible for someone with a disability. For example, LA residents should work with an SSDI attorney in Los Angeles to get on the right track from the outset. House of Justice is one of the firms offering end-to-end guidance for potential clients.

In fact, these professionals provide a free SSDI check on call, so claimants can get a fair idea of whether they qualify for the benefits in a 10-minute call. They also offer services relating to workers’ compensation and employment laws. Any worker dealing with these issues can seek answers from a chatbot on the House of Justice website or connect via a quick call. 

How to Choose the Right Social Security Disability Attorney in Los Angeles

Now that you know when to contact a social security disability attorney in Los Angeles, you must also understand what to look for in them. Here are a few factors to consider:

Experience Matters

Experience should be on top of your checklist when it comes to hiring a legal professional to handle your disability benefits case. You cannot let just anyone handle it because your financial stability is at stake. Look for someone with relevant experience and a credible track record to ensure your claim is in safe hands. 

Knowing that the attorney has some favorable outcomes to their credit makes you confident about their capabilities.


Availability is another factor to prioritize while hiring an SSDI attorney because the entire journey can be stressful for someone struggling with a physical handicap. You need someone who is available and accessible when you have questions and doubts. 

Check details such as their office location (of course, it should be in LA), work hours, and mode of communication so that you are comfortable with them. After all, claiming your benefit may take some time!

Cost of Services

Cost is another factor that deserves your attention because you cannot expect to spend big on legal fees when running tight on money. The good thing is that you can find SSDI attorneys who provide free consultations and services to clients. 

Their fee is a part of your disability settlement, which means you pay nothing out of pocket. Moreover, it is contingent, so you pay only if you win the case. In fact, it is a plus because the attorney will have a personal interest in your case.


Although you can go the DIY way with a disability benefits application, it is not a sensible decision. Look for an SSDI attorney working on a contingency-fee model to claim your rightful benefits without headaches and hassles. But ensure that you can rely on them to get the benefits you deserve, and it is absolutely about choosing someone with relevant experience.