How Can You Protect Yourself from Car Break-ins in St. Louis?

St. Louis, a vibrant and bustling city, offers a rich cultural tapestry and a wealth of attractions for residents and visitors alike. However, like any urban environment, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential risks that come with city living. 

One such concern is the unfortunate occurrence of car break-ins, which can leave victims feeling violated and burdened with significant losses.

In recent times, the city is experiencing an unprecedented amount of car break-ins. Last Sunday, 30 cars were broken into during the Cardinals game near Busch Stadium. It’s not just break-ins too. In 2022, over 7400 cars were stolen in St. Louis.   

Many residents believe that these are not random instances, but part of an organized crime ring. It is not a pleasant thought to imagine that you or your car may also be a victim of a planned robbery or break-in. In today’s article, we will explore some of the ways you can protect yourself and your car better. 

What Avenues of Help Do St. Louis Residents Have?

While the rise in car break-ins and thefts in St. Louis may be concerning, residents have several avenues of help available to protect themselves and their vehicles from these unfortunate incidents. Taking proactive measures and utilizing the resources provided by the community and law enforcement can significantly reduce their vulnerability to car crimes. Here are three useful tips.

1. Find Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: 

Obtaining comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle is crucial in mitigating the financial losses associated with car break-ins. Insurance policies can provide compensation for stolen items, repair costs, and even vehicle replacement if necessary. 

Due to the number of crimes involving car thefts, St. Louis personal injury lawyers are often knowledgeable regarding insurance policies. They can guide you in understanding the extent of coverage for car theft or break-ins and other details. 

They can also review your insurance policy, identify applicable provisions, and advise you on the compensation you may be entitled to. 

While personal injury lawyers primarily specialize in cases involving bodily harm, they can still offer significant support in the aftermath of car theft or break-in. They can also guide you through the claims process and help you negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive a fair settlement. 

2. Initiate Community Engagement

St. Louis residents can benefit from actively engaging with their local community. Neighborhood watch programs, where residents collaborate to keep an eye on suspicious activities, can be an effective deterrent against car break-ins. Some residents claim that juveniles are responsible for these crimes due to organized crime. 

This could be due to the catch-and-release methodology that benefits experienced criminals in the city. In fact, it even reaches absurd levels in some cases. Just recently, two armed teens that broke into an armory, shot at police officers, and stole weapons were released to their parents.

In such a lax environment, it makes sense for community members to become extra engaged and look out for each other. Here are some ways that communities can play a bigger role in looking out for each other.

  • Neighborhood Watch Programs
  • Enhanced Lighting and Security Measures
  • Secure / Paid Parking Facilities
  • Communication and Information Sharing
  • Engage Local Law Enforcement

3. Lawyer up and Take Legal Action 

Taking legal action against someone who attempts to steal or break into your car is of utmost importance. Not only does it help protect your rights and seek justice, but it also serves as a deterrent for potential criminals. It is also not unlikely that an individual can get hurt if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

According to TorHoerman Law, LLC, the first thing to do when injured is seek medical attention. Once you are safe, try to note down as many details as possible. This will be important if and when you decide to speak to a lawyer. 

A lawyer can play a crucial role in this process, guiding you through the legal proceedings and advocating for your rights. They can help you gather evidence, build a strong case, and pursue appropriate compensation for any damages or injuries you may have suffered as a result of the attempted theft or break-in.

Remember, the clearer and more specific the details, the better your case will be if you decide to press charges against those responsible. 


The high crime rates and the unfortunate involvement of juveniles have left a bad taste in the mouths of St. Louis residents. The overly lax treatments that young offenders face, even when they open fire at officers and harm the public is shocking. It is no wonder that residents are finding alternate ways to keep their cars safe. 

Some of them are paying extra to keep their cars in guarded garages while others avoid leaving their cars in public at all. Some owners of older, less valuable cars even leave the car doors unlocked and the windows down. They do this so they don’t have to pay for the repairs in case of a break-in. 

Hopefully, the St. Louis police department and justice system can take more effective action against what is becoming a nightmare-like situation for residents.