How Often Do Insurance Companies Use Private Investigators?

Private investigators are often hired by insurance companies to check out claims that may be fraudulent. They can dig up a lot of information about the person making the claim. This information can include personal and financial information that may have a bearing on the likelihood that the claim will be fraudulent. Insurance companies will often reject claims when they are not able to verify their information.

The private investigators will follow the claimant for a period of time, often several days. They may use video cameras to capture the claimant’s activities and gather evidence of their integrity. Claims involving large sums of money are typically the ones that require private investigators. While they are not allowed to intimidate claimants, they are allowed to collect evidence of their identity.

Another reason that insurance companies use private investigators is to protect their interests. Fraudulent claims are a significant problem in automobile insurance. Insurance providers are for-profit organizations and aim to maximize their profits. In order to avoid having to pay for such expenses, they often deny or devalue claims. Private investigators can monitor a driver’s movements in public and examine social media posts. There are a number of companies that hire private investigators to help victims of auto accidents.

Insurance companies sometimes hire private investigators to follow a person and gather information from them. These investigators may collect information through a variety of methods, including obtaining photographs of an accident or injury, reviewing receipts for property purchases and repairs, and cross-referencing police report statements with other statements.

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