How To Use Itop Screen Recorder For Seamless Video Conference Recording

iTop Screen Recorder is an ideal software choice for anyone in search of seamless display recording, easy video editing and sharing to all online video platforms. With its built-in video editor making it ideal for newcomers.

This program includes basic hotkeys to quickly pause, resume or stop recording sessions. Customize your recordings by showing or disabling mouse click effects; and adjust audio settings according to your individual needs.

Video Compressor

iTop Online Screen Recorder is one of the leading video conferencing recording applications, providing many features that enable users to capture high-quality videos without any lag or interruption. Users can capture any part of their screen, capture audio from speakers or microphones, record any area of their screen and even take advantage of GPU acceleration on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel systems for an optimal experience.

This program boasts an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. The main dashboard offers quick setup functions for each recording session and features hotkeys that start and stop recordings, record audio only recordings, pause, take screenshots or take snapshots.

Schedule recordings ahead of time, which is especially useful for businesses and organizations who must maintain meetings on a set schedule. Furthermore, the app enables real-time webcam recordings over recorded screen captures to increase engagement with your audience and connect more fully. Finally, it offers multiple formats of file storage making online publishing much simpler.

Custom Watermarks

There are numerous free video screen recording software programs out there, but most come equipped with some sort of watermark or time limit that restricts recording capabilities. While this may work fine for some users, others who want to produce professional-looking videos or use their software extensively could find themselves hindered.

With iTop Screen Recorder, you can design your own exclusive watermark using customizable characters, fonts, sizes and colours – adding some personalization and protecting videos against theft while giving them some added flair!

Add pen drawings, ovals, lines, arrowheads and text doodles to your videos for an attractive and professional-looking result with iTop Screen Recorder’s Doodle Features feature, making your recordings even more eye-catching and professional looking. Perfect for recording gameplay, webinars, lectures presentations and more; schedule them automatically when not around; instantly share on YouTube and other video platforms!

Easy Editing

With iTop Screen Recorder, you can give your videos a unique touch by customizing their annotations with pen drawings, rectangles, ovals, lines, arrowheads, texts and click animations – making your recordings more engaging and interactive – ideal for video conferences and presentations.

The tool allows you to capture either your entire screen, an individual window, or specific application with pinpoint precision and allows pixel-perfect selection of areas you wish to capture. Furthermore, there are options to record audio only, enable/disable your speaker/microphone as well as disable mouse clicks – it even supports game recording so you can include HUDs and other forms of information!

iTop Screen Recorder not only offers basic video editing functionality, but can also record high-quality (4k supported) videos without compromising their quality, compressing their size without altering their quality. Furthermore, this app features various custom watermarks as well as convenient sharing to most online video platforms.

Multiple Formats

iTop Screen Recorder not only records video conferences but can also create slideshows. Simply schedule a recording session and let the program automatically begin the conference at its scheduled time. Edit any video footage recorded after recording has finished before choosing an output format to complete your output file.

This software features an in-built Video Compressor that enables you to reduce video file sizes without compromising their quality, saving disk space and making uploading them to popular online video platforms easier.


iTop Screen Recorder allows you to add your own custom watermark, protecting recordings from unauthorised use. Furthermore, its support of multiple file formats makes it a convenient solution on any computer and its hotkey bar allows for effortless recording pause/resume/take screenshot functionality at any time – as well as using its professional-looking Teleprompter feature for even more professional recordings.

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