How Vermont Workers’ Compensation Laws Affect You If You Change Jobs

A lot of people have questions regarding whether they can start a new job and continue to get workers’ compensation benefits if they sustain injuries while on the job in Vermont. The thing is, understanding the repercussions of beginning a new job while receiving workers compensation is crucial before accepting a position with a new company.

Benefits for loss of time may end:

In case you are curious about how a job change can affect your workers’ compensation payments, you need to remember that regardless of what happens with your work, you should be able to continue medical care for your injuries. However, since you already have another job, your time-loss benefits may end. If you get another job and your salary is higher, the insurer will likely believe you no longer require financial support.

What can you do?

So if you are wondering what to do, our advice would be that you hold off on starting a new work until you are fully recovered. First, this will ensure that your condition does not get worse. Second, you should not be doing too much too soon. It is very crucial that you give yourself the time necessary to heal and get back to normal. 

We also understand that you lost a lot of time because of an injury, so taking up another job would seem like a good idea. But that is not always true. Even if you want to make up for lost time, you should not do that. Moreover, keep in mind that any income will affect the compensation you receive and may impact your current payment.

Do not lie about under the table job:

Another thing that you will need to keep in mind is that under no circumstances can you lie about having another job if you are receiving benefits. Also, once you get a job, the insurance company will possibly ask for evidence of how much you are getting. This is to assess the exact amount of compensation you are eligible to get, given that you have another job. Remember that it is theviralnewj very important that you are truthful about any secondary sources of income you may have. 

Final thoughts:

Do you think you will need the help of a lawyer? If yes, get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer today. They will help you understand your workers’ compensation claim better.  

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