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Massive welcome bonus and daily reload bonuses await all members at m777 online casino. M777 online casino is one of the most highly rated casinos that you can join right now and claim multiple rewards and free credits. M777 is a preferred online gaming destination for all Malaysians that offers over 300 games, including over 250 slots from Pragmatic Play, Gameplay Interactive, Joker and so much more. Besides, there are around a dozen virtual games available in the live casino category at m777 online casino, including several varieties of blackjack, video poker, roulette, and dice games such as sic bo and craps.

M777 online casino is an online casino that is extremely user friendly and is the most suitable place for a beginner at Malaysia to kickstart their online casino career because M777 online casino offers a handful of welcome packages and promotions that are designed to give free credits with minimum turnover requirement to all new members who sign up with them. Let’s have a look at some of the best promotions available at the M777 online casino platform. 

The m777 online casino slot daily challenge

The slot daily challenge is a promotion available at m777 online casino that covers multiple slot providers ranging from Playtech to Joker and Pragmatic Slots. It is a special promotion as the rewards that can be received from this daily challenge depends on the users position on the ranking leaderboards that refresh daily. The more slots you play, the more rewards you will receive from this promotion in addition to prizes you can receive from the slot games you play alone. Rewards for making it into the ranking leaderboard for the m777 slot daily challenge come in the form of gold coins where players can redeem other prizes at the m777 online casino site. 

100% Slot welcome bonus

The 100% slot welcome bonus is a standard welcome bonus offered by m777 online casino that rewards 100% of the initial deposit made by the new account owner as bonus funds with only 3x minimum turnover requirement and 5x maximum winning requirement. The maximum amount of bonus funds that can be received from this welcome bonus exclusive only to m777 online casino members is 100 MYR. Minimum deposit amount that had to be met before this slot welcome bonus can be claimed is 10 MYR. The bonus funds can only be applicable to slot games offered on the m777 online gaming platform, including slot games from reputable providers in Malaysia such as Mega888, 918kiss and Pussy88. 

7% Daily Reload Bonus

The daily reload bonus is a promotion where players can receive bonus funds from daily and it is the highlight of m777 online casino as players consider it to be an essential promotion to play if you were to take advantage of the generosity of the m777 online casino team. This daily reload bonus offers 7% cashback for the deposit that the player makes on that day, so for example, with every 100 MYR deposited into any wallet at m777 online casino, 7 MYR worth of free credits can be received by the user from claiming this daily reload bonus. Needless to say, the more a player deposits into any casino wallet attached to their m777 account, the more bonus funds that are receivable from this promotion. As the daily reload bonus is an unlimited promotion, players will get to claim this promotion for as often as they like in the day so long as they meet the minimum turnover requirement. Click here https://onlinecasinosmalaysia.com/casino/m777/ to know the available bonus and promotions in m777 online casino.

M777 Exclusive Beginner Starter Pack

Because a mere standard welcome bonus is not enough for an online casino as massive as M777 online casino, the team behind this trusted online gaming platform has designed another welcome bonus for all beginners that just signed up for an account at m777 online casino to claim in the form of a beginner starter pack. With this m777 exclusive beginner starter pack promotion, for an initial deposit made that amounted to a minimum of 30 MYR, a total of 15 MYR bonus funds will be deposited into the user’s account.  For an initial deposit of 70 MYR made by the beginner who wishes to claim this starter pack, a maximum amount of 55 MYR of bonus funds will be deposited directly into their m777 online casino wallet.

Advantage package welcome bonus

Only at an online casino like m777 where players can not only just find one welcome bonus, not two, but three total welcome promotions for all beginners to claim when they sign up for an account at m777 online casino. For new members who wish to claim the advantage package welcome bonus promotions, a minimum amount of 100 MYR has to be deposited into the m777 online casino wallet. With this package promotion, claiming it for the first time will yield 100% cashback from the m777 online casino team. The second deposit will reduce the bonus funds awarded to 50% of the deposited amount, whereas the third time claiming this package welcome bonus, the user will receive 70% of the deposited amount with the maximum payout capping at 350 MYR. So this is a welcome bonus that a new player at m777 online casino can claim up to three times, not to mention the standard welcome bonus plus the beginner starter pack offered by m777 online casino that we have mentioned before.


M777 online casino  is perhaps one of the best online casinos for real money in existence, with a high welcome bonus, interesting daily challenges that gives high rewards, reload bonuses and so much more, it is no wonder many online casino fans in Malaysia deem it as the best casino site for online betting and best online gaming site with the most generous and lucrative offers. This online casino functions well on mobile devices, and navigation is easy and quick due to its well-organized interface. Withdrawals are pretty fast, taking up to 48 hours for cryptocurrencies, and a 24/7 live chat is available to answer any questions you may have.

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