Toledo Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Navigate Strict Dog Bite Laws in Ohio

Dogs are beloved pets for many, but occasionally they can pose a threat to humans if they become ill-tempered or are not properly trained. Dog bites are relatively common in Ohio, often resulting in the need for medical care. Victims of dog attacks may find themselves facing costly medical bills, loss of work, and emotional distress. Consequently, Ohio maintains strict dog bite laws, holding dog owners liable for compensating the victims.

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Ohio Dog Bite Laws

Ohio has stringent rules governing dog bites, offering no leniency and holding dog owners responsible even if their dog bites a person for the first time.

Ohio’s dog bite laws include:

  • A dog that has bitten or attacked a person must be registered as a “dangerous dog” with the county auditor.
  • Such dogs are subject to strict restrictions, including:
  • Always being on a 6-foot short leash
  • Being kept in a locked yard or cage.
  • Informing the purchaser about the dog’s “dangerous dog” status when selling the dog, with mandatory notification to the auditor within ten days
  • Owners who fail to control their dangerous dog on three occasions must obtain liability insurance if the dog harms someone.
  • Surgical debarking or silencing of dangerous dogs is prohibited in Ohio.
  • Convicted individuals are barred from owning dangerous dogs.

Dog Bite Penalties in Ohio

If your dog bites someone, you must quarantine the dog for at least ten days to determine if it has rabies. This allows for appropriate treatment for the victim. In Ohio, most penalties are relatively minor if your dog attacks someone or if you fail to register and restrain your dog.

However, failure to adhere to regulations and subsequent fatal attacks by your dangerous dog can lead to severe consequences. You may face a fourth-degree felony charge with a court order to euthanize your dog. Additionally, you will be required to pay fines to the county and compensation to the injured person.

If you are a victim of a dog bite, consider seeking legal representation from a Toledo personal injury attorney to pursue compensation through an Ohio dog bite lawsuit.

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