What Questions Does a Judge Ask a Child in a Custody Case?

When determining a custody case, the judge will ask the child several questions. One of the most common questions involves the relationship between the child and the other parent. It’s important for both parents to maintain a positive relationship with their children. If one parent is constantly criticizing the other, the judge is likely to object to that comment.

Another question that the judge may ask is about the financial circumstances of the child’s parents. This is important because the court wants to see if the parent can provide the children with a stable income. The judge doesn’t want to see the child struggling financially as a result of the divorce. The judge may also ask if the child’s parents have other children or are in debt. Regardless of the reasons for the questions, it’s important to be truthful and avoid bias when answering these questions.

When it comes to communication, the court may ask whether the child and the other parent are in touch regularly. The judge will want to know whether the child and the other parent will be communicating through lawyers and court papers. A judge may also ask about the children’s schedule and how often they see each parent naasongs.net.

While the court cannot make custody decisions based on child preference, it does take into account the child’s age. Preteens, for example, are often more likely to respond positively to frequent visitation. However, older children often develop a sense of identity independent from both parents and may prefer more time with one of them. As a result, judges encourage parents to be flexible and listen to the preferences of their children.

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