Why Did I Receive a Notice That I Need to Apply for the Child Support Review Process?

If you received a notice that you need to apply for the child support review process, you have many options. The process can take up to fifteen days. You can choose to file for an administrative review instead of going through court, which may be a cheaper option. The process will also require you to provide proof of your income, any health insurance coverage, and other pertinent information. In certain circumstances, your application may be denied if you fail to submit the required documentation.

The Child Support Review Process is a confidential administrative procedure that allows parents to negotiate child support in a less stressful setting than a formal hearing in court. It can be a valuable tool for strengthening a co-parenting relationship and creating a solid foundation for cooperation between parents. Additionally, because it takes place in an office, your meeting with the child support officer will not be recorded in the public court record.

After the child support review process has been completed, the child support enforcement agency will file an appropriate child support order. This order will change any child support orders that were issued in the past. If you received a notice that the child support review process is in the middle, you may be eligible for an early review. To get an early review, you will need to sign a waiver. Once you complete the waiver, you should have an administrative review within 180 days.

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