Marc Marquez before Honda’s separation? Now the MotoGP star is talking

Marc Marquez and Honda have seen better days. Rumors of an early separation are therefore increasing. It’s a good time to bet on such a rider at the peak of his success, use this period wisely at

Marc Marquez and Honda won six MotoGP riders’ world championship titles in their first seven years together in the premier class. In the three years since then, they have been far removed from another crowning achievement. On the one hand, of course, this is due to Marquez’s serious upper arm injury. But Honda’s technical equipment is also far removed from the quality of past years.

Rumors that Marquez could leave Honda as early as after this season, or at least when his current contract expires at the end of 2024, have therefore been circulating through the MotoGP paddock for several months. “It will all depend on Honda,” Marquez’s longtime manager Emilio Alzamora, for example, said in November. “If they build a bike that Marc can be world champion with, it will be fine. But Marc is an absolute winner. He’s only here to win the world championship. I think Marc will change his mind if there is no progress in the next two years.”

The speculations have now been newly fueled by some scenes in the recently released documentary series about Marc Marquez. In this, the MotoGP superstar can be seen vigorously putting the rod in the window to his employer in a specially called meeting and making it clear to them that his big goal is to return to the top of the premier class – with or without Honda.

The scenes date back to August 2022, and a lot has changed at Honda since then. Among other things, a new technical director, Ken Kawauchi, has been hired. Is a departure from HRC still an issue for Marquez after all these years? At the Repsol Honda team presentation on Wednesday, he wiped such speculations off the table.

“I’ve heard those rumors too, but I still have two years left on my contract with Honda,” he reminded MotoGP’s official website in an interview. “My goal is to return to the top. And my dream is to do that with Honda. I believe in them. We have a long relationship with each other and respect each other a lot. I believe that will help us get out of this difficult situation.”

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