What you Need to Know About HPC solution

Supermicro designs and builds some of the world’s most potent, sophisticated data centers. Their range of reference architectures is specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of HPC (High-Performance Computing) customers. With a broad portfolio of building blocks from motherboards to liquid cooling systems, Supermicro provides tailored solutions for customers needing enterprise-level HPC services.

In its most basic form, an open-source data center is a computing system that provides public web and cloud services. These services are generally provided by an open-source software stack assembled from publicly available, non-proprietary software components.

Supermicro offers extensive Open Compute compliant products, including high-performance motherboards, servers, and storage solutions. Its Open Compute solutions can be used to construct a widely scalable data center or the foundation of a private cloud solution for multi-node workloads.

The HPC solution portfolio includes hardware and software that can be used for traditional HPC setups and emerging technologies like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning.

Supermicro’s HPC solutions leverage the many benefits of open-source software. They offer a one-stop shop for HPC solution providers and provide maximum flexibility to end users by allowing them to mix and match components from different suppliers. Designing an optimal system starts with a high-performance motherboard.

Supermicro’s Reference Architecture provides all the building blocks necessary to design and develop a state-of-the-art HPC environment. The products included have been designed to provide an HPC solution tailored to specific customer requirements. 

The Enterprise HPC Reference Design supports general-purpose compute-intensive workloads such as digital manufacturing and financial risk management tasks that require maximum efficiency. The Scientific Research Supercomputer Reference Design is for research projects involving intense workloads, such as weather simulation or gene sequencing projects. AI, Deep Learning HPC Reference Design contains advanced AI capabilities. It caters to autonomous driving and natural language processing applications that require more predictability and capacity than traditional computing environments offer. 

In addition to the hardware components included in their architecture, Supermicro also offers Liquid Cooling Solutions, which provide superior effectiveness with proven deployments at scale due to their excellent heat transfer efficiency compared to traditional air cooling systems. Many customers opt for liquid cooling when designing next-generation data centers and servers. 

Supermicro premium motherboard offerings are designed for smaller servers that require a powerful but compact platform with higher reliability, stability, and application performance. These boards support a range of processors, expandability, and standard and high-end expansion cards. 

Supermicro offers solutions for customer demands by rapidly deploying a more efficient HPC environment. By supporting open-source software, Supermicro can accommodate applications requiring different hardware components to meet specific use cases.

Rack Integration and Deployment Services complete the process by taking your custom-designed server or storage solution along each step until deployment is complete, from design to configuration, testing, and even providing offsite logistics services if needed for larger installations. Supermicro develops hardware, software, and solutions for cloud computing, data centers, and HPC.

Supermicro’s custom-tailored solutions have enabled many industries worldwide to upgrade their IT infrastructure environments with dynamic reference architecture focusing on motherboard designs and liquid cooling systems. The company has provided businesses with total agility tailored to fit each business’s specific needs, no matter how complex these needs may be. This means that various organizations, from medical research facilities to oil exploration sector companies, have met their exact requirements with Supermicro’s reliable and robust solutions.

The HPC solution portfolio consists of a wide range of Supermicro’s reference-built hardware and software that can be used for traditional HPC setups and emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. These solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of customers looking to expand their HPC facilities with an open-source solution using commercially available components.

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