How Has Karlie Kloss Used Her Net Worth to Support Global Causes?

Karlie Kloss has used her net worth to support global causes in a variety of ways. She is a philanthropist and an outspoken advocate for several causes, including girls’ education, global health, and the fight against climate change. In 2018, Kloss donated $50,000 to the Women’s March and joined the organization’s board of directors. In 2020, she co-founded Kode with Klossy, an organization that works to empower young women in the United States to pursue careers in computer science. The organization offers scholarships, coding camps and community events. Kloss is also a strong advocate for public education. In 2017, she donated $100,000 to a crowdfunding campaign to support the education of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. She has also committed to donating $1 million to, an organization that helps fund public school projects in the United States. Kloss is a vocal supporter of the fight against climate change and is a member of the Alliance for Climate Education’s advisory board. She has also worked with the United Nations Development Program to launch the #Unite4Climate campaign, which encourages young people to take action against climate change. In addition, Kloss has used her platform to spread awareness about global health. She has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign to raise funds and work towards gender equality. Kloss has also joined forces with the Global Citizen campaign to help bring an end to extreme poverty. Karlie Kloss’s commitment to global causes has been inspiring, and her net worth has enabled her to make a massive impact on the world. 4. A Private Jet: In 2017, Kloss purchased a private jet for $60 million. The plane includes a bedroom, bathroom, and lounge area and can seat up to 10 passengers.
5. A Luxury Yacht: In 2018, Kloss purchased a luxury yacht for $75 million. The yacht includes several bedrooms, a gym, and a cinema. Overall, these five purchases demonstrate Karlie Kloss’ expensive taste and luxurious lifestyle.

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